Who We Are
Since 1977, Air Design Systems, Inc. takes pride in being one of the most innovative and qualified sheet metal/HVAC contractors in the United States. We are the largest woman owned
ventilation contractor in the Chicago region.   Our experience is unmatched and our team of employees includes the most talented and trusted wokers within the Chicago area. 
Our large 36,000 sq. foot shop uses state of the art equipment and skill-sets from local Sheet Metal workers in the Chicagoland area. We use plasma cutters, advanced metal presses, computer-integrated equipment, and some of the most talented specialty workers in the region.

Not only does our company have extensive drafting experience with BIM, but we also became the first company in Chicago to receive the BIM certification from the Chicago Local 73. We wanted to continue this pioneer legacy by building two dedicated BIM Coordination rooms.

Each room is supplied with video, tele, and web conferencing, which allow efficiencies for the project team and the owner. These rooms provide the environment and technological sophistication to foster teamwork, coordination, and clear communication among the trades.


Finally, our estimating department has the ability to assist in jobs that need ventilation or HVAC consultation. As our estimators work together with our drafting department, we can create value-engineering for your current or future project.

From our experience in research laboratories and university hospitals to college remodeling and industrial work, we understand that maintaining the highest quality creates the foundation for a successful project.
Our ductwork is built to a standard that always meets or exceeds the SMACNA guidelines. Preventing contamination on the inside of the ductwork is especially important for projects involving hazardous materials
or medical buildings.  We designed a quality control plan for our fabrication shop and at our job sites.  This provides us with the ability to protect our material early on in the project. 
Safety is our number one priority. Our safety coordinator directs and implements our company safety plan and the individualized safety project plan to all involved employees. We are proud to be accident-free for several years and continue to teach safety prevention on a weekly basis.
Our field foremen take time every week to review the safety plan and point out specific hazards and risk prevention measures. Furthermore, as a company, we take time consistently to hold mandatory safety workshops at our building and require all of our employees to attend.