Jardine Pumping Station
The Jardine Water Purification Plant, formerly the Central District Filtration Plant, is the largest capacity water filtration plant in the world, located at 1000 E. Ohio Street north of Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois. It draws raw water from two of the city's water cribs far offshore in Lake Michigan and sends nearly one billion gallons (4 million m3) of water per day to consumers in the north and central portions of the city. Constructed in the 1960s, it began functioning in 1968.[1] Shortly thereafter the Ohio Street Beach formed in the bay created by the plant. Landscaping around the plant and in the adjoining Milton Olive Park was designed by Dan Kiley, and a statue, Hymn to Water, by Milton Horn graces the front entrance.

The southern portion of the city is served by a separate plant, the South Water Purification Plant. Together the two plants supply water to about 5 million residents in the city and 118 suburbs.